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I was privileged to be asked by Peter Warren to take part in the Natural Flux Exhibition that he is organising and which is to held at the Brick Lane Gallery in East London, more information can be found here

ILLU_POST1-2I was then also asked if I could take part in an exhibition that to be held for London Underground Staff that do art in their spare time. This is also to be held in East London, Leytonstone to be precise.

Staff ExhibitionIts like the old saying “You wait for a bus and then two turn up together” Well, I for one, am privileged to be asked to get on both of these buses but unfortunately can only be at one of the private viewings as they are both on at the same time. I will be at the opening of Natural Flux with my work and my work will be at the London Underground Staff Exhibition.

Thanks for the invites to both exhibitions I am really looking forward to them both and if you can get along to either I am sure you will enjoy