After making the Tsubo style pot in my last batch of pots has put me on a little bit of a different path and I decided to have a go at some larger tsubo pot / jar like vessels. Being that my throwing ability is restricted I will have to make them in more than one part and then join them together. I think with more practise I will be able to throw fewer and larger so as to have fewer pieces to join together. The clay I use is very heavily grogged as it can be used for all manner of firings, including Raku. The clay throws well but is not very elastic and a little on the short side but that aside I love working with it as it lends itself to so many different aspects of pottery.

I took a few shots of the pots during the making process:


The three parts thrown that will fit together


The first two parts joined together and made stiffer with a little fire


The top part of the pot is now attached to the bigger bottom part


Then the top part is thrown into the shape required as it is softer than the rest of the pot


Changing the shape by throwing


Stiffening further with fire


Add decoration and stamp


The finished pot which stands about 24″ tall. Now to be left to dry before bisque firing


Another pot made at the same time but with two parts