I have had a love of Chawan and Yunomi for a long time and those of you that know me are aware I have had a dabble at making some, but have only considered that I am practising with the form. As my previous blog entry showed, Chawan are a simple, humble yet powerful figure in the ceramic world and in Japan they are held with such reverence it surprises me then are not granted the honorific “O” before their name.
I myself have a collection of over 25 Chawan and Yunomi with some firm favourites among the collection, perhaps I will show some on here at one point.
A few weeks ago I sat and threw some Chawan / Yunomi which I hand carved the foot rings on after seeing the demo by Lisa Hammond at Oxford Ceramics fair. I also faceted and stretched some of them to give a texture and feel to the vessel. They have all been bisque fired now and will await glazing soon for the next firing. Some may even get the Raku treatment and others will surely be culled along the process for not being quite right.




What ever the outcome I will post the pictures of the finished product on here