2013 has been a little bit of a tricky year for me. Noelanders was pretty good at the beginning of the year but the SNOW put a bit of the kibosh on things and sales were not as good as previous years but this was comforted by the privilege of family, friends and a good beer or too.

In May Marie and I bought our first house together which meant a huge upheaval and again the pottery had to be dismantled and moved to a new location and I also had to cancel a few shows due to not having a place to make pots from. A new house meant new projects and this seemed to leave very little time for messing about with the sticky stuff. So I made a decision that I would slacken off on the clay playing and stop making Bonsai Pots on a commercial basis for the foreseeable future. Not making Bonsai pots was like going “cold turkey”. The bottom line is I love them and what they represent even on a personal level, making them back in 2004 kept me sane when I was in a bad place with my life.

Later in the year brought fantastic opportunities from Peter “Saruyama” Warren who personally invested in “Natural Flux” a Contemporary Bonsai Exhibition in the Arty Heart of East London, The Brick Lane Gallery of which I was hugely pleased and privileged to take part in and was a totally superb event.

My day job, over the course of the year, has become more and more demanding and when I got in from work I bearly had the inclination or energy to work on the house let alone with clay. So I find myself in a place where I am not doing bonsai ceramics on a commercial basis and clay time has been reduced somewhat, with a house to refurbish and a new pottery to establish outside of the cold garden shed I currently occupy.

A new year will bring new beginnings and I will “find the year” and put my best intentions and feet, or should that be hand’s, forward. I am not going to fall into the trap of setting resolutions, as they are rarely kept, but I am going to have a change in lifestyle that should see me kick a few bad habits and embrace the nice ones that are part of my being. So in the spirit of new beginnings, new goals and all newness here is a little video of me working on the wheel.

All the very very best for 2014, may it bring you all the prosperity and joy that you wish for and more