Well the big oval was glazed today at the gallery and it was a bit of a feat as i could not use any of my usual techniques and tricks for dipping the pot in the glaze as the pot was far too big and I did not have a container big enough, let alone enough glaze for the pot to be dipped into.

So after discussing the glaze with the customer we settled for a matt blue grey for the big silver birch that was to go into the pot. I mixed the glaze in the bucket as it had not been used for a while and then filled 4 jugs with the glaze in ready to glaze. The pot had a wax resist painted on the areas that I did not want the glaze to stick to and once this was dry I held the pot in my left hand and poured the glaze over the pot. 

It went on pretty evenly and I was pleased with the result. I hope the kiln gods look favourably on me as this is the second time I have made this pot, the first cracked during the bisque firing.

IMAG0173Keep your fingers crossed for me. All being well the pot should be out of the kiln on Monday sometime and I will post the results of the firing here for you too see, all being well 😉