I love working in terracotta clay and to make the perfect unglazed bonsai pot is my ultimate quest from a pottery point of view.
However to try and be all encompassing and find a clay to use for all bonsai applications can be a little hard to find. Terracotta is fantastic for unglazed pots and white clay takes and shows off colour very well. However with white clay if you want to darken up the bottom part and feet the you have to get busy with the oxides. So in an attempt to make things easier by using one clay I threw a terracotta body, applied a white slip whilst still on the wheel, then added sodium silicate and stretched it. Not only do you get the advantages of the terracotta body and not having to oxide the foot area you get the white body to give good glaze colour and terracotta cracks under the white slip, well that’s the theory anyway.
I am pleased with the experiment so far but when it comes to the glazed final piece can I only pass comment on the overall result.