Noelanders Trophy Draws Close

As many of you in the bonsai community know this weekend is the 16th Noelanders Trophy at Limburghal in Genk. I have been very busy getting all my work prices and packed on the back of the wonderful news from Gafu Ten. Looking forward to meeting up with old friends and new at the start of the bonsai circuit shows for 2015. Safe journey from wherever your travelling from and drop by to say hello






The Show’s Must Go On

In a couple of weeks we will have the Noelanders Trophy upon us then the Swindon Winter Image Show and finally Shohin UK2. I have been working really hard on the back end of Gafu Ten to get more pots made including an award for Shohin UK2 and also a collaboration prize, with the godfather of bonsai and bonsai pots Dan Barton, for Bonsai With Love in June. Then in August it’s Bonsai World in Crawley and then Bonsai Europa in Bury in October. All in all its a pretty full on year after my hiatus and I am looking forward to getting back on the circuit and meeting so many good friends. So if your going to any of the shows mentioned please drop by and say hello.

The Calm before the Storm

After the last week of events all surrounded by Gafu Ten which knocked me sideways, in the best possible way, it’s back to business of making stock for the next three shows, those being Noelanders, Swindon and Shohin UK2. I have been grabbing every spare moment and opportunity to make pots plus squeeze in the commissions that I have. I am really looking forward to Noelanders this year as I will be on my own tables and no longer with my former partner in crime 😉 eh Tony?

Those of you who are going to Noelanders drop by and say hello. I will have lots of new pots and ideas that spurned the blossom pots that went to Gafu Ten this year. A new and exciting time for me as a potter and look forward to seeing you in Belgium in a few weeks.



Ever wonderful and informative insight into work from important Japanese potters from Michael

Japanese Bonsai Pots Blog

Sharaku was born Masahiro Shimotori(霜鳥昌弘) in Niigata Prefecture in 1940, but currently works in Yashio in Saitama.
He had great interest in Bonsai, and studied at Shunkaen under the renowned Kunio Kobayashi, and won awards for his Satsuki, notably the Excellence Award for Satsuki Shaping from Kindai Bonsai.
He found his true calling in 1997, when he began apprenticing under blog favorite Shigeru Fukuda(aka Bushuan). In 2004 he apprenticed in Guangdong to study clay and Chinese technique for a year. Sharaku has won numerous awards for his pottery, and now runs a pottery school in Saitama.
Unlike Bushaun, Sharaku specializes in single color glazes that are very bright and clean. But it’s easy to see his old master’s style in his complicated Mokko shape pots, for which he is rightfully famous.
Now, on to the pots!

A selection of Sharaku pots I photographed for sale at Shunkaen.

A bright yellow…

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Gearing up for Gafu Ten Pt 4 (aka out of the frying pan, into the fire)

In a last ditch panic the final pots were packed and shipped out to Akiyama San in Japan just after Christmas. They were sent by UPS and hats off to them the parcel arrived safe and in Akiyama San’s hands. I am really pleased with the final pieces and even though I can’t make the show I am elated that my work has been accepted for this prestigious event.

Friends that are going to Gafu Ten have kindly offered to take and send photos back so I will keep you posted. For now here is one of the pots that made the trip


Gearing up for Gafu Ten Part 3

Well my pots went to Japan with Peter Warren in November and were given the once over by some of the adjudicators and organisers of the event to make sure that they were worthy of being accepted, which I am extremely please to say that they were.

IMG_0125 IMG_0124 IMG_0126

I had some very helpful critique and feedback and Peter said that it would be prudent to take on the advice and take the advantage to make some more pots with the thoughts and critique embodied in the new pots. So pleased as punch I set to making some more glazed porcelain pots

IMG_0160 IMG_0162

After mixing and sieving glaze late into Monday night and then glazing the pots Tuesday night, they finally came out of my small kiln late last night.

IMG_0207 IMG_0208

All that remains now is for me to photograph them to allow Peter and I to select the best three to be sent out for the show in a few weeks time

IMG_0212I am one very happy Monkey!


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